NEW WORK 2019-2020


INFAMOUS SERIES​​ (View​​ Infamous​​ on my Video page)

Hand-painted inkjet prints.

2019-2020  ​​ ​​​​ Inkjet print and acrylic gouache


Hand-coloring or hand-painting monochrome photographs started soon after the​​ appearance of daguerreotypes in 1839. ​​ Hand-painting was developed to enhance the realism and artistic value of black and white photos. ​​ The technique achieved popular success in Japan, Europe, and the United States from the mid 19th​​ Century to the mid 20th​​ Century until the introduction of color film by Kodak. ​​ In this series hand-coloring is applied to the inkjet print offering the viewer an alternate, artistically enhanced presentation of the subject in each image.


A picture containing mask

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Ken Lay, 14x11 inches

The​​ founder, CEO, and Chairman of Enron was found guilty of 10 counts of securities fraud in 2006. ​​ Enron declared bankruptcy in 2001, the largest at that time, following the results of an accounting scandal in 2000. The bankruptcy caused the loss of jobs and​​ savings for thousands of Enron employees as well as billions of dollars lost by investors. ​​ He died in 2006 before sentencing.


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Timothy McVeigh, 12x9 inches

An American terrorist responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing of a federal building in 1995 that killed 168 and injured over 680 people. ​​ He was executed in 2001.